luna by heimweh26

Friends Only

  • I'm probably not all that exciting
  • I have a very long list or fandoms that I post about regularly. They include but are not limited to: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Batman, Indiana Jones,  the Food Network, Queer as Folk, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy and a whole love more.
  • If we have nothing in common, feel free to add me but at your own risk.
  • I'm happily married and do talk about it on occasion.
  • <3 you. Be my friend?
luna by heimweh26

Prompt Me

Send me any prompt (keep it pg-13) and I will write you something inspired by it. Comment or send it to writerachwrite{at}gmail{dot}com
Tom Riddle by megathy27

Official Harry Potter Trivia Post...

Harry Potter Trivia!

In honor of these monumental occasions is anyone up for Harry Potter trivia? I'd like as many people as possible involved so it's fun. Post this to your Friends Lists and HP communities. :D

Whoever answers the question correctly gets to ask the next question, game shall continue is comments. Answer the question as a reply to the original question and post the new question as a new comment.